May 26, 2014

The following is a poem written by the late Sarah Nott, of Point Pleasant, submitted by her parents Brenda and Rusty Nott. The poem is about her cousin George W. (Bubby) McDaniel, a solider killed on April 29, 1967, at Bear Cat Hill, Province of Long An.

“The Greatest Man”

I have a friend that no longer exists

But he did at one time

At least that was before the year

Of 1965

He was tall, he was strong

He was eighteen years old

When the voice of Uncle Sam came calling

“To Vietnam!” He was told

So he packed his bag and a picture of his mom

And picked up his M-16

He told all this relatives goodbye

It was the last time he’d be seen

The greatest man I never knew

Was boarded on a plane

In the warm, bright sunshine

But he landed in the rain

With his brothers in battle, they took the field

To fight for the land of the brave

That’s why my American solider friend

Isn’t here with me today