Bend Area participates in national event

Mindy Kearns Special to The Register

April 30, 2014

NEW HAVEN — Residents of the Bend Area made a large dent in the number of pills filling their medicine cabinets Saturday when Mason County held its annual Prescription Drug Take Back Day.

It was the first year the event was held in New Haven, although the event marked the fourth year for county participation. Both town and county officials felt the Bend Area site was a success.

“We had 13 or 14 people who came,” said Diana Riddle, director of the Mason County Health Department and member of the Mason County Anti-Drug Coalition. Also manning the New Haven site were Lydia Gordon and Wendy Meadows of the Mason County Anti-Drug Coalition; Vanessa Bumgarner, student nurse; New Haven Recorder Roberta Hysell; and Police Patrolman Cole Johnson.

Patrolman Johnson added at the end of the day, the pills filled a large contractor trash bag that weighed between 35 and 40 pounds. He transported the drugs to Point Pleasant for disposal.

For those bringing in the drugs for disposal, there were no questions asked. Organizers said many of those bringing in the pills in New Haven were older residents who didn’t want the unused medicines in their homes to potentially be stolen.

Riddle stated New Haven’s end result was better as a first-year event than Point Pleasant’s four years ago.

“I think the word is getting out more now,” she said.