Two arrested after discovery of active meth cookers

By Angela Shepherd

March 20, 2014

Two Greenfield men are in custody after a bust at a Dickey Avenue residence Thursday morning following the discovery of two, actively cooking one-pot meth labs.
According to Greenfield Police Chief Tim Hester, officers responded to the residence shortly after 11 a.m. after a report of suspicious activity. Finding no one home at 451 Dickey Ave., the officers checked a detached garage at the back of the property where the tell-tale odor of meth manufacturing was detected, prompting the officers to forcibly enter the garage.
Inside, Hester said, two men, identified as John Willett, 38, and Brian Penwell, 39, were attempting to hide. The officers also discovered two active one-pot meth cookers. Both of the men were taken into custody.
The meth labs were removed from the garage and with the assistance of Paint Creek Joint EMS/Fire personnel, were neutralized at the scene.
During the scene clean-up, the cookers were on a tarp in the yard of the residence and while emergency personnel worked, the contents inside the bottles bubbled furiously.
Hester said the level of material in the bottles was the largest amount he had ever seen in any one-pot cooker.
Willett and Penwell were taken to the Greenfield jail, the chief said, and will be charged with illegal assembly of chemicals for making methamphetamine, a third-degree felony.
Both men will appear for arraignment in Highland County Court in Greenfield on Monday morning. Additional charges are possible after evidence analysis and a review by the Highland County Prosecutor.
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