In case of emergency

Beth Sergent

March 18, 2014

POINT PLEASANT — The Mason County Health Department wants residents to be ready for an emergency.

Last week, health department employees passed out prepackaged emergency kits to residents across the county. These kits are free and were purchased by the health department with grant funds received by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the West Virginia Center of Threat Preparedness.

Diana Riddle, administrator of the Mason County Health Department, said she and her staff traveled to the New Haven Fire Department, Leon Town Hall, Harmony Baptist Church, Ashton Baptist Church and to the parking lot of the health department giving away the kits.

These kits contain emergency supplies, like water, batteries, a radio, an emergency book and more, along with a waterproof envelope for emergency papers and a list of other items to go along with the kit.

Everyone who received a kit was asked to bring identification. Only one kit was allowed per household. If you previously received a kit, you are not eligible to receive another one; this helps ensure all residents have access to the kits in all corners of the county.

Extra kits remain and can be picked up at the Mason County Health Department during normal business hours while supplies last.

More kits will be available as funding allows. Riddle said over the past four years, the health department has distributed approximately 700 emergency kits to the residents of the county to help them be prepared for an emergency.