Changes to May Primary ballot reported

Beth Sergent

February 14, 2014

MASON COUNTY — The ballot for the May Primary continues to shape up as one candidate withdrew his candidacy for the Mason County School Board and slight changes occurred to the listing of those running for county executive committees.

According to the Mason County Clerk’s office, in the race for the school board, Incumbent Randy Searls of Gallipolis Ferry (District Four), withdrew from candidacy. This leaves the three open seats up for grabs among Incumbents Greg Flower of Point Pleasant (District Two) and Dale Shobe of Leon (District Two). Also filing, Martin Zirkle of Mason (District One), Mickey Whalen of Point Pleasant (District Two), N. Jason Andrick of Letart (District Two) and Jared Billings, Gallipolis Ferry (District Four). Candidates elected to the school board will start serving their four-year term on July 1.

Incumbent Rick Handley (D-Point Pleasant), remains the lone candidate from either party who filed for the open seat on the Mason County Commission.

Filing for County Executive Committee, Female, Democrats - Peggy Huff of New Haven (District Two), Bonnie J. Fruth of Point Pleasant (District Four), Ashley Wood of Point Pleasant (District Five), Mercedes Sayre of Point Pleasant (District Four), Agnes Angela Roush of Mason (District One), Shirley Livingston of Leon (District Three), Samantha Fooce of Point Pleasant (District Six), Marcia Finley of Point Pleasant (District Six), Freeda Mayes of Ashton (District Eight), Mona L. Legg of Leon (District Three). Republicans - Merlie Hart of Leon (District Four), Donna Kay Akers of Point Pleasant (District Six), Sarah Z. Stover of Mason (District One), Brenda L. Adkins of Point Pleasant (District Four).

Filing for County Executive Committee, Male, Democrats - Floyd Sayre of Point Pleasant (District Four), Ernie Compson of Mason (District One), Willie Livingston of Leon (District Three), Kevin Fooce of Point Pleasant (District Six), Tom McNeely of Point Pleasant (District Five), Randall Mayes of Ashton (District Eight), James McCormick, II, of New Haven (District Two), Greg Barker of Leon (District Three). Republicans - Curtis C. McConihay of Point Pleasant (District Four), Troy Wood of Point Pleasant (District Five), C. Keith Sargent of Point Pleasant (District Six), Jim Butler (District Seven).

Filing for the 14th Delegate District Executive Committee, Third Congressional District Executive Committee and Fourth Senatorial District Executive Committee - Mercedes Sayre (D -Point Pleasant) Floyd Sayre (D-Point Pleasant).

Filing for Conservation District Supervisor - Charles T. Lipscomb of Letart.

Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley reports ballot positioning (the process of determining what order the names are placed on the ballot) is at 9 a.m., Feb. 18 in the Mason County Commission room.

According to the office of West Virginia Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, as of Friday evening, the following had filed for national and state offices:

U.S. Senate - Larry Butcher (R-Washington); Shelley Moore Capito (R-Charleston); Matthew Dodrill (R-Parkersburg); Natalie Tennant (D-Charleston); David B. Wamsley (D-Williamstown); Dennis Melton, (D-Buckhannon).

U.S. House of Representatives Third Congressional District - Evan Jenkins (R-Huntington); Richard Ojeda, II, (D-Holden); Nick J. Rahall (D-Beckley).

State Senate Fourth Senatorial District - Mike Hall (R-Winfield).

House of Delegates 13th District - Scott Cadle (R-Letart); Jim Dagostine (D-Bancroft); Tim Gibson (R-Poca); Joshua Martin (D-Poca); Josh McGrath (D-Nitro); Nathan “Nate” Westfall (R-Cross Lanes); Michael Ihle (R-Ravenswood); Rosalee Juba-Plumley (D-Poca).

House of Delegates 14th District - Jim Butler (R-Henderson); Johnny Roach (D-Point Pleasant).

Democratic State Executive Committee Female (from Mason County) - Bonnie J. Fruth and Mercedes Sayre, both of Point Pleasant.

Democratic State Executive Committee Male (from Mason County) - James M. Casey and Floyd Sayre, both of Point Pleasant.

This year’s May Primary is Tuesday, May 13, polls are open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.