Racing to the top!

By Beth Sergent

February 5, 2014

MASON COUNTY — Mason County has a national award winner within the world of drag racing.

Greg Fowler has been recognized by the Mason County Commission for being named the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Sportsman of the Year for 2013.

“It’s a great honor,” Fowler said. “It’s tremendous to win a world-wide award like that. It’s a big deal if you’re a member of the drag racing community.”

Fowler tried to explain that to him, getting the award was like a baseball player getting the MVP award. As Fowler pointed out, drag racing might not be as well known as baseball or football but it’s still a sport. He explained, there’s more to it than just getting into a car and racing it.

According to the IHRA: Fowler was chosen for the award for his good works in a number of different arenas. In addition to promoting several causes near to his heart, the West Virginia native also uses his 1980 Camaro as a tool to teach kids about the dangers of tobacco as he displays his blue and gold machine at schools throughout the state. Fowler has also donated his time and race trailer to deliver Christmas gifts to children in the Mountain State.

For his work Fowler has even been recognized by the governor of West Virginia.

On the track Fowler has had a successful career with a number of national event wins, a Summit Pro-Am Tour championship and spots in the Summit Tournament of Champions and Summit All-Star race.

After 50 years of racing and 12 years on the IHRA track, Fowler has no plans on slowing down - after all, he finished number one in the world when it came to points accumulated on the racing tour in 2011. This year, that tour will begin Memorial Day weekend.

“For a guy from Point Pleasant, West Virginia, this is awesome,” Fowler said about the award.