New Haven council addresses vehicle repairs

Agnes Hapka

December 17, 2013

NEW HAVEN —Vehicle maintenance issues and building permits were under discussion during the recent meeting of New Haven Town Council.

Those members present were Mayor George Gibbs, and council members Amy Ferguson, Sarah Gibbs, Jessica Howard, Jim Elias, Kenneth Vickers and recorder Roberta Hysell.

The council voted to grant a building permit to Craig Roush, for a storage building.

Council members Gibbs and Howard raised the subject of employee benefit packages; Gibbs motioned for packages at a rate of $150 for full-time workers, $100 for a part-time worker, and $50 for two other part-time workers. After a vote, the motion carried.

In other matters, police chief David Hardwick said that some of the police vehicles need repairs; the council agreed provided the budget allows for sufficient funds. A check has been received from the insurance company for roof repairs at the community center. A road in town, Layne Street, was closed recently, but has now been reopened. Council member Elias raised the subject of water damage of some property on the heights. Town workers will investigate the problem after the area dries up.

Also under matters, the Massey tractor belonging to the city has been taken to Sassafras Tires for repairs. City workers discovered that the fuel injector pump was leaking. Council members decided to have the tractor brought in, with repairs scheduled for early spring. Council discussed the new greenhouse; Vickers said he would check the status of the building.

In old news, the council had previously voted to approve the 2013 holiday schedule. The schedule is as follows: town offices of New Haven will be closed on December 24 and 25, and January 1 to observe the holidays. Trash pick-up for December 24 will be on December 26; trash pick-up for December 25 will be on December 27. Call the city hall at (304) 882-3203 for more information.

A short meeting is set for noon on Monday, December 23, at the town hall.