The fight against hunger

By Agnes Hapka

November 26, 2013

Volunteers at the Mason County food bank unpack staples and bag up selections for a waiting line of people from the Point Pleasant and outlying areas. Tammy Sayre said at Monday evening’s event that the food bank mainly aims to help the working poor — those who are currently employed and do not qualify for foodstamps, but have difficulty purchasing food for their families. She said that less than 45 minutes into the evening the bank had already served 39 families, with many more still in line. The food bank, however, is struggling to meet the needs of the region. Its ability to continue to operate depends heavily on the funding it receives in the near future. Pictured are Volunteers Sayre and Christie McGraw sorting food items for bagging, as well as Larry Coder and Rhiannon McGraw helping unload groceries for distribution to the public. Read the full story in Wednesday’s edition of the Point Pleasant Register.