Scioto Republicans rally on Nov. 2

By Ryan Ottney

October 23, 2013

Ryan Scott Ottney

PDT Staff Writer

The Scioto County Republican Party is inviting the community to join them on Nov. 2 for a Fall Rally at York Park in Portsmouth.

Bryan Davis, of the Scioto County Republican Party, said the party used to have a Fall Rally almost every year, but fell out of practice. Now they’re reviving the tradition to engage the community.

“With the growth of the party, the momentum of the party, it’s something we want to be able to bring people together and get ready to kick off this next season. Next year we have a big gubernatorial race, and we have several other seats that are up for grabs next year. So we’re trying to get the momentum going in the right direction,” Davis said.

Rally speakers will include Rep. Bill Johnson from Ohio’s 6th U.S. House District, Rep. Terry Johnson from Ohio’s 91st State House District, and Sen. Joe Uecker from Ohio’s 14th State Senate District. Others are also expected to attend, but are unconfirmed at this time. Some of the issues that will be discussed, Davis said, are the Affordable Care Act (also known as “ObamaCare”), and the upcoming gubernatorial race between incumbent Republican Gov. John Kasich and Democratic challenger Ed Fitzgerald.

“We still have this issue with ObamaCare and the ACA and how the rollout has been so terrible with that,” Davis said. “Also the GOP doesn’t really feel like this is the right answer for America. Then as far as the gubernatorial race, there’s a lot to talk about there. Of course, Mr. Fitzgerald has got his vision for Ohio which we do not think is right. He wants to increase taxes and do everything else to try to do growth in Ohio. Growth has been very evident in the Kasich campaign by cutting taxes which has unleashed the manufacturing sector in Ohio to do better. Employment is up in Ohio, as a result, and of course we know the Rainy Day fund is in a lot better shape than it was when Gov. (Ted) Strickland left office. We want to keep that same momentum going.”

He said the party believes the public should be allowed to keep money in their pockets and invest on their own.

“I think the American people can invest better than our government can,” Davis said.

Also during the rally, the party will introduce the public to their new mascot, Lincoln — a mechanical elephant that the party purchased from Portsmouth West High School after the school used it on its River Days Homecoming float. Davis said Lincoln will have his own Facebook page, taking photos of Lincoln at locations all over the county.

The Scioto County Republican Party is Nov. 2, from 1-4 p.m., at York Park in Portsmouth, behind the floodwall and along the banks of the Ohio River. Refreshments will be served and live music will be played, and attendance is free.

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