Pretty important stuff in Pink

By Frank Lewis

October 19, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Some 7,000 people in Scioto County donned their pink shirts Friday to show solidarity with health officials, patients, and personnel who deal with the reality of cancer.

“We have a team effort,” Wendi Waugh, Administrative Director of Cancer Services/Community Health and Wellness at Southern Ohio Medical Center, said. “In fact, I’ll bet you anywhere you go, you will find pink shirts today. In fact, there are about 7,000 of these lovely pink shirts walking around our community. This is the third year for our Paint it Pink campaign and it just continues to grow every year.”

The entire staff at the SOMC Cancer Center was decked out in pink T-shirts, or T-shirts with pink lettering, calling attention to the importance of early detection, treatment, and research centered around cancer.

“Today we are just thinking pink, being pink, anything pink, just to raise awareness for breast cancer and to make a statement in the community,” Waugh said. “And really it is not just about breast cancer. This is our one time a year to really get the community involved to say cancer no more. This is the one and only fundraiser we do all year long to fund the Cancer Compassion Fund, which helps all patients, not just breast cancer.”

The SOMC Cancer Center has developed two fund accounts to support cancer patients while undergoing active cancer care. These accounts are called the SOMC Patient Compassion Fund and the SOMC Breast Cancer Patient Compassion Fund. The SOMC Patient Compassion Fund supports all patients under active cancer care. The SOMC Breast Cancer Compassion Fund is dedicated to the support of breast cancer patients.

The funds are supported by donations and are utilized for patient assistance needs such as utilities, medications, transportation and common necessities needed during cancer care. The social worker from the Cancer Center collaborates with the Cancer Center Director to determine the needs and allocations of the funds.

“It helps everyone,” Waugh said. “Gas, wigs, medication co-pays, and little things that just takes some of those worries and fears out of their treatment for us.”

Waugh said businesses such as The Garage Cafe, Wendy’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, LaRosa’s Pizza, the Scioto Ribber, USEC, Fluor B&W, and many other businesses participated in the event by wearing their pink during the Pink Out on Friday.

“It has really been a wonderful community event,” Waugh said.

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