City, SSU go pink

By Frank Lewis

October 19, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT staff Writer

When Portsmouth Mayor David Malone went to buy his “Paint it Pink” T-shirt Friday, he was asked if he wanted it in grey. But he wanted so much to be right in step with the days events, he picked the pink. And as he sat back in his office he elaborated on why he wanted city employees to show their support for breast cancer awareness.

“We’ve asked all of our employees to wear pink today in observance of Paint it Pink day, because we know the issue of breast cancer in women and we wanted to make sure that our workers and our community is aware of the issue, and that we’re doing all that we can to try to address the issue,” Malone said. “It is to make people see the importance of going and getting checked out, and making sure that, if they have an issue, that it is corrected, because early treatment is the basis for cure. So we just want to be a part of what’s going on in the community, bringing awareness, and getting everybody to go and get checked out.”

Just up the street from Malone’s office, the pink was prevalent on the campus of Shawnee State University.

“We’re supporting SOMC’s Paint it Pink Pink-out day,” Ann Linden, Director of the Women’s Center at SSU, said. “We wanted to show our support for the work they do right here in our community. We have sold T-shirts for them, and all the proceeds from the T-shirts go to the SOMC Compassion Fund which helps people locally with all sorts of expenses related to cancer care. We have some offices decorated for Paint it Pink, and we put them up on SOMC’s website just to show solidarity and support, and we’ve given out lots of educational material so that people gain a little more awareness and to know where to look if they need more information.”

On Monday, the SSU women’s soccer team plays Kentucky Christian University as a part of a double-header with the men’s team, but the women will not be wearing their traditional blue.

“We’re going to wear these (pink) shirts that we had for a picture today, and that SOMC sold, all weekend, and during our warm-ups,” women’s soccer coach Rob Appell, said. “We’re trying to spread the word about awareness and do what we can. They’re going to sell shirts at the game as well. This is just a good way to get involved with the community.”

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