City considering future of Harmon Pool

Beth Sergent

October 9, 2013

POINT PLEASANT — Never known as a cash cow, municipal swimming pools are often money pits and officials with the City of Point Pleasant are considering a way to stop throwing money, and water, away while keeping recreational activities available.

At this week’s meeting of Point Pleasant City Council, Mayor Brian Billings reported the final figures on Harmon Pool saw the city losing $8,000 and though this was better than previous years, it was still a loss. Other figures Billings threw out to council included $16,000 in purchases and $11,000 in wages.

In addition to the money issue, the pool continues to loose water. Councilman Bob Rulen described it as a “tremendous amount of water loss.”

Billings asked council’s permission to pursue grant opportunities to fund a water or spray park which are not pools but cooling stations utilized by kids and adults. These parks typically cost around $20 - $25,000, Billings old council. He also suggested if the money could be found, the new recreational activity be placed at Krodel Park. Councilman Keith Sargent agreed with utilizing Krodel Park more, adding he didn’t want to take away from events held at Riverfront Park but he remembered celebrating the Fourth of July at Krodel and many other activities which had since moved away from the venue.

Council seemed to be in agreement with Billing’s suggestion. As for what will happen to Harmon Pool, that will be revisited in the spring.

Billings said the pool hasn’t been utilized as it had been in the past, due to more activities being available to children from video games to their own swimming pool.

Rulen said he liked the idea that no one else would have a water park in the area and it could attract visitors to Point Pleasant.