Woman charged with obstruction for arguing ticket

By Ryan Ottney

October 4, 2013

Ryan Scott Ottney

PDT Staff Writer

Next time you think about arguing your way out of speeding ticket, think again. A woman was arrested by Portsmouth police Wednesday and charged with obstructing official business during a traffic stop on Saturday.

According to Portsmouth Police, Amy Hughes, 36, of Portsmouth, was pulled over by Portsmouth police at 1:47 p.m. on Saturday for speeding on U.S. 52 within city limits. Hughes was reportedly traveling 73 in a 55 speed zone. When she was stopped, the police report says that she told the officers she thought it was a 65 speed zone. When the officer returned to his vehicle to write her a ticket for speeding, Hughes allegedly got out of her vehicle. The officer told her to return to her vehicle, and she reportedly said she just wanted to give him something.

“She gave him a business card of a highway patrol sergeant. She said he gave this to her to present to police if she encountered them. The officer took the card and told her to return to car. She refused to cooperate and insisted she had a right to speak with him,” said Capt. Jerry Leach of the Portsmouth Police Department.

The officer ordered Hughes several more times to return to her vehicle, and she still refused.

“He ordered her several times to return to her car. She remained argumentative, insisting he cannot order her to her car. He went to handcuff her and she pulled away, and he said he would not order her again,” Leach said.

Eventually Hughes did return to her vehicle and she was given a ticket for speeding. The officer presented the case to the city prosecutor who issued a warrant for Hughes’ arrest on charges of obstructing official business. Leach said officers sometimes will not immediately charge a person if they are unsure how to proceed, and will instead wait for the prosecutor’s advice.

Leech said Hughes was arrested Wednesday by Portsmouth police.

Lt. Mike Gore of the Ohio State Highway Patrol in Lucasville said the patrol does not give out or honor “get out of jail free” cards. He said no such practice is happening at the Portsmouth Post, and he has never heard of Hughes before this incident.

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