Bob’s fall color tour set for October

Staff report

September 21, 2013

MASON — Fall pansies and mums will fill the Bob’s Market greenhouses with color this October, said John Morgan, just in time for its fall tour.

Morgan, who is a technologist for Bob’s Market and Greenhouses, Inc., said that he’d like to see people come out for the tour and encourages them to bring their cameras.

“Last year we set up a bench and fall decorations in front of one of the bays of pansies for fall photos,” said Morgan.

Morgan added that he’d like people to be aware that the tour is a guided one.

“The tour itself is a guided tour due to OSHA regulations, since our production facility is normally off limits to the public. We’ve had visitors think it was an open house in the past, show up late, and miss the tour.”

Morgan said that he will set up an area in the greenhouse to act as an autumnal background for photographs.

The production headquarters are located in Mason, close to the Mason retail store.

“We will be meeting inside our production headquarters, at ‘The big red building,’ as we like to call it,” Morgan said. “When driving from the market in Mason it is located on the right side of the road and has a quilt square and sign on it.”

The tour, which will cover the 20-acre facility, will begin at 2 p.m. with drinks, snacks, and a presentation about fall gardening.

“People can come and learn how to care for fall pansies and mums, and get some great tips for getting their gardens ready for winter,” Morgan said. “Then we’ll take a walking tour of the facility as we learn about the process that plants go through to grow from seed to finished product.”

Those interested in the tour may visit the colortour or call Morgan at (800)447-3760, ext.144.