Bachtel Stadium gets an upgrade

Alex Hawley

August 23, 2013

MASON, W.Va. — The defending state champions got a much needed improvement this offseason, but it wasn’t on the gridiron.

When Wahama opens up its season on August 30th, the fans of both the White Falcons and Fayetteville will have a new place to cheer on their teams. Bachtel Stadium recived an upgrade this offseason with new bleachers on the home side of the field, and the former home bleachers were moved to the visiting sideline.

“A lot of alumni have came back and donated their time to totally renovate the stadium,” said athletic director Melissa VanMeter. Close to 40 people have volunteered their time through the tare down process and through putting everything back together. We’re thankful that they’ve volunteered their time so that we can have a new facility that can accommodate more people”

The home side will seat around 2000 people, enabling the White Falcons to host a postseason game, should they reach that goal. Previously Wahama had hosted playoff contests at Point Pleasant High School’s Ohio Valley Bank Track and Field. The White Falcons have never lost on the turf at OVB Track and Field.

“It will help with the pride of our team because the surroundings are good and everything looks nice,” said head football coach Ed Cromley. “It will also help getting our opponents fans on the other side of the field. I’ve been working and getting the football team ready to go, while a lot of other people have been getting the stadium ready to go and I’m sure they’ll have it done in appropriate time.”

Previously the visiting fans were seated near the northeast entrance to Bachtel Stadium. Wahama will host Fayetteville, Trimble, Waterford, Federal Hocking and Miller this season. The Red and White haven’t lost at Bachtel Stadium since dropping a 36-20 decision to Athens on October 30th, 2009.

A dedication of the bleachers was held Thursday night during the Meet the Team festivities at Bachtel Stadium.