School board approves substitutes for coming year

By Agnes Hapka

August 3, 2013

POINT PLEASANT — New substitute teacher approvals were the main order of the day at the most recent Mason County Board of Education meeting.

Board president Randy Searls called the meeting to order. Also present were vice-president Greg Fowler, and members Thomas Nunnery, Paul Sayre and Dale Shobe.

The board voted to approve employment of the following substitute teachers for the 2013-14 year: Stacy Adams; Bev Alberchinski; Jackie Anderson; Gary Arrowood; George Barr; Melissa Barnett; Rosa Lee Beattie; Mark Bell; Lee Bentley; Shirley Birchfield; Kevin Brier; Phyllis Brown; Marjorie Carpenter; Heather Conkey; Stanley Cook; Edward Coon; Kelli Cottrill; Linda Corbin; Diane McCoy-Dalton; Melissa Deem; Kalee Edmonds; Sally Darst; David Deal; Margaret Endicott; Kara Fetty; Caria Grady; Tad Greathouse; Freddie Green; Kevin Green; June Groves; Rhonda Haggy; Barry Hamm; Dottie Henderson; Carolyn Hesson; Bryan Hoffman; Roger Keefman; David Jackson; Karen Jackson; Tirza Kay; Denver Kerr; Kathryn Kerr; Stephanie Killingsworth; Millicent Kimble; Shirley Kimble; Karen King; Andrew Layton; Jayna Lowery; Melanie Mabe; Angela Maynard; Donna McCoy; Rosalie Miller; Sharon Miller; Barbara A. Mitchell; James Moody; Daniel Morhardt; Sharon Nunnery; Jodie Page; Leslie Pauley; Sharon Phlegar; Amy Pinkerton; Sherry Pullin; Margaret Pyles; Kelly Ratliff; Lisa Riddle; Susan Rimmey; John Robinson; Beth Rollins; Soni Roush; Jaime Sang; Melanie Sang; Dwight Sayre II: Terry Schauer; Steve Safford; Brian Scott; Jared Shull; Elizabeth Somerville; Cynthia Spradling; Angela Staats; Melissa Stacy; Jenni Starkey; Albert Stephens; Brandy Sweeney; Luke Swiney; Sue Thacker; Joan Thomas; Anthony Toler; Rosemary Vickers; Margaret Wilson; William Wood; Adria Yost.

The board also approved the resignation of Kelly Ratliff as LD/BD/MI/AU teacher at Wahama and Beatrice Kay Hagley, English teacher at Hannan High School. The board apprroved the transfer of the following teachers: Lauren Giller, from Ashton Elementary to New Haven Elementary; Barbara Mitchell, from Beale Elementary to Point Pleasant Primary School; Timothy Click, from Point Pleasant Primary School principal to Roosevelt Elementary principal; Adam Watson, from Wahama High School to Hannan High School.

The board also voted to approve the employment of Carla Grady, library and media specialist at Point Pleasant High School (pending permit agreement); Tiffany Hersman, counselor at Point Pleasant High School; Jo-Ann Chaney, Point Pleasant Intermediate School; Jennifer Hesson Frederick, English teacher at Point Pleasant High School (pending certification); Laura Blain, mathematics teacher at Point Pleasant; Meredith Moore, Title I instructional coach.

The board voted to approve the following service personnel: Ronald Thomas and Tiger Rice, as substitute bus drivers.

Contracts between the board and the following were approved: Vanessa Harper, braille specialist; Vanda Dabney, sign language interpreter; Cheryl Lyons, sign language interpreter; lease agreement between the board and the Early Education Station. The board voted to approve the lowest submitted bid from Pleasant Valley Hospital for all employee and student drug and alchohol testing for the 2013-14 school year.

There will be a special personnel meeting at 4 p.m. on August 6 at the Mason County Career Center, followed by a regular business meeting at 6 p.m.