All left turns

By Agnes Hapka

July 31, 2013

POINT PLEASANT — Dawn Storrud has been resting at the Point Pleasant boat dock for about a week now, waiting to get her trolling motor officially registered before setting off on her round-the-world trip.

“Last April Fool’s Day I decided to take a trip down the river,” said Storrud, who has floated down the river from Whytheville, Va., so far, and says she is determined to keep going.

“I plan to make all left turns, like a snail’s shell.” Storrud said, adding that she will begin with turning left at the Ohio River, then again at the Mississippi, the Gulf of Mexico, Florida, Canada, the North-West passage, Norway, Africa, Indonesia, Asia, and back to the states.

Storrud said she will add to her “covered wagon on a boat” as needed to stay warm, dry, and protected from the weather. She uses various improvisational techniques to keep her boat afloat and keep herself safe.

Storrud said that the recent storms necessitated a stop in Point Pleasant, at which point she decided to order a trolling motor. The local fire department moved her boat to a safe place out of reach of the most severe weather.

“So many people have been exceedingly helpful to me during my stay,” Storrud said. “A couple gave me a ride when I was trying to carry the motor from the printing store back down to my boat. Business owners, secretaries in churches… all have gone out their way.”

Storrud said that she has found friendship and conversation in the people of the town.

Storrud, who has children in Australia and all over the globe, uses a laptop to keep people up to date on her movement.

“I intend to keep going until I get done.”