Shooting victim identified, investigation continues

July 31, 2013

GLENWOOD — The Mason County Sheriff’s Department has released the name of Monday’s shooting victim.

Shane A. Meadows, 25, Glenwood, was pronounced dead at the scene. Meadows received a single gunshot wound, according to the sheriff’s department.

The incident, which took place at a home on Chandler Ridge Rd. in the Glenwood area Monday afternoon, “appears to be the result of a disagreement between acquaintances,” according to a press release from the sheriff’s department.

Sheriff Greg Powers said Meadows did not live at the residence on Chandler Ridge Rd. A person inside the home allegedly shot Meadows and was taken in for questioning about the incident but has not been charged at this point. This alleged shooter has not been identified but is said to have been cooperative with law enforcement.

Powers said questions still remain about events which led up to the shooting and circumstances surrounding it. He said his department is actively pursuing the investigation and once completed, it will be turned over to the Mason County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for a recommendation on how to proceed.

Powers said he had no timeline as to when the investigation would be complete, adding it was still early on. He said the autopsy on Meadows’ body was done on Tuesday.

“This appears to have been an isolated incident between two persons who knew each other…it presents no danger to the public,” Powers said.

The West Virginia State Police are also assisting in the investigation and provided its mobile crime lab unit at the scene.

Meadows Facebook page says he was a native of Glenwood, attended Hannan High School for awhile but was a 2006 graduate of Winfield High School.

The Meadows shooting brings the total of people who have been shot to death in Mason County since 2011 to five. The last shooting death in Mason County occurred in April 2012, prior to that, there were three shooting deaths in the summer of 2011.