Reader bemoans cat population

July 27, 2013

Dear Editor,

I hope that there are other people out there that feel there is such a thing as having too many cats.On the upper end of North Main St., the cat population is just plain crazy. I believe in having pets but the situation is just out of hand. They get on or in people’s cars. They go on people’s property, like their porches, and urinate on the furniture where we sit and on outside carpets where infants can no longer play. This property belongs to the infants also and they can’t even go outside to play without playing in urine. What about the daycare located on North Main? I’m certain they can’t have sand boxes or anything of that nature because they would be used as litter boxes for all the cats. Surely there are some type of laws or regulations on this cat problem. I would like to ask that some of the people who are over this kind of problem to live and raise an infant under these conditions. No I take that back, because I wouldn’t wish this on nobody. I don’t feel as though we as a family should have to move to live a normal life. Some help would be greatly appreciated.

Concerned and upset,

Todd Lewis

Point Pleasant