Mason updates city court ordinance


October 29, 2012

MASON — At the most recent council meeting for the Town of Mason, Recorder Deann Russell presented an updated ordinance regarding city court.

According to Mayor Mindy Kearns, the new ordinance, identified in the meeting minutes as the Ordinance Creating a City Court, Providing a City Judge, Establishing the Duties and Authority of Said City Judge and Establishing the Procedures of Said City Court, allows the court to hold two meetings a month as opposed to only one meeting.

Kearns stated there was already an ordinance in place regarding the city court and the only change in this new ordinance, which is now in place, is the fact the court may meet twice a month if needed. Kearns said if there were several cases in one session, those attending may have to wait for an extended amount of time and this change allowing two sessions a month was a way to reduce that waiting time.

In other council news, it was announced a speed limit sign was placed on First Street. Also making personal appearances were Brian Johnson, Pete Shepard, Donna Vickers, and Larry Daniel.

Also at the meeting, Councilwoman Michelle Pearson announced that Mason’s Fall Harvest Festival was a success.

The minutes from the previous meeting were also read with Councilman Pauley making a motion to accept with one correction with a second from Councilwoman Sarah Stover. Several bills were also presented for payment and were accepted with a motion from Councilman Nick Northup and a second from Stover. Both motions passed.

In addition to Mayor Kearns, council members present were James Pauley, Nick Northup, Michelle Pearson, Sarah Stover and Recorder Deann Russell.

The Town of Mason Council will meet again at 6:30, on Nov. 1, in the town hall.