Reader claims issues with receiving absentee ballot

Callie LyonsSpecial to Heartland

October 29, 2012

Dear Editor,

Hello, I am writing this due to my dissatisfaction with The Point Pleasant Clerk’s office. I was born and raised in a much larger city. Point Pleasant is where my husband was born and raised. After marrying, I decided to relocate here with him so he could live where he was comfortable. That was my choice. Had I known what a culture shock that would be, I wouldn’t have.

I have several health issues that make getting to the polling place to vote a huge hassle for me. I requested an absentee ballot to be able to perform my civic duty. I was told that I couldn’t have one because my polling place is wheelchair accessible. They also wanted medical records from my doctor — unbelivable. Just to vote?!

Being in a wheelchair is not the only reason why I need an absentee ballot. There is a domino effect of my situation, but that didn’t seem to matter. I simply want to do what’s right and vote. Especially this year. So, the negative stigma that haunts Point Pleasant has more proof, as their local government is preventing a tax-paying resident her right to vote for no real reason. Moving away looks better every day and will happen soon because of actions like this. Very unfair and not warranted. Like sending me an absentee ballot would be a huge deal? Seriously? With all the conflicts I witness in this area as far as residents doing bad things, giving someone an absentee ballot should be the least of the local governments concern.

Thank you,

Lori Honulik

Point Pleasant, W.Va.