Chamber holds final luncheon for 2012


October 23, 2012

POINT PLEASANT — Members of the Mason County Chamber of Commerce gathered at the West Virginia Farm Museum on Tuesday to hear a presentation on Workforce West Virginia from Susan Moran during the chamber’s final luncheon of 2012.

Moran, an Employer Services Program Specialist with Workforce West Virginia, spoke briefly on what the organization does, which is assisting businesses and employers in finding the right employee. Workforce West Virginia also helps provide on the job training for newly hired employees who already have the right set of skills to get started, but maybe not all the necessary skills needed for the job.

Moran described helping employers, stating Workforce can help recruit, screen, and refer potential job seekers. Workforce also helps employers describe what tasks and functions the open position involves, as well as help prepare ads and job postings to ensure the right person is hired.

Moran further discussed how Workforce helps fund on the job training, saying Workforce will reimburse 50-90 percent of the trainee’s wages during the training period, up to 1000 hours. Moran also stated the job must also offer at least $8 an hour.

Moran also described the eligibility requirements for the potentially funded employees, saying the person must meet certain income requirements or be considered a dislocated worker (a person who was laid off from their previous position due to now fault of their own), as well as meeting a soft skills requirement and pass a drug screening.

“So far, the people we’ve been funding have been pretty successful,” Moran said.

Moran stated that in order for an employer to be reimbursed, a contract and training plan must be in place before an employee is hired to ensure the employee qualifies. Moran also noted that while Workforce reimburses the employer for wages during the training period, the employer is still responsible for providing other benefits.

For more information on Workforce West Virginia and the services offered, visit

In other chamber news, Chamber President Missi Scarberry announced this would be her last luncheon as Chamber President and that Eddie Lanham will be taking over as president following her. Scarberry also stated the chamber will be hosting a Christmas gathering and that ballots had been sent out for new members of the chamber.