BOE gets favorable audit report


September 25, 2012

MASON COUNTY — The Mason County Board of Education recently received a favorable audit report from the West Virginia Department of Education.

The letter was discussed during a recent board meeting and Superintendent Suzanne Dickens and other board members announced they would release said letter to the public. The letter reads as follows:

Dear Ms. Dickens,

As the primary recipient of federal funds, the State Department of Education is required, under the provisions of the Single Audit Act and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-133, to review the audit reports of all sub-recipients and to follow-up on any findings noted to ensure that such findings are resolved.

We have completed our review of the audit report of the Mason County Board of Education for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2011. Either no findings were noted by the auditors or any findings were adequately addressed by the corrective action plan contained with the audit report. Therefore, the audit file for the 2011 fiscal year is considered closed.

The letter is signed by Coordinator of School Finance Melanie Meadows.

Earlier this year, Mason County schools also received another favorable report from the West Virginia Office of Education Performance Audits (OEPA), which was stated as being a “180” turnaround from the year before.

The summary from the OEPA report stated the following:

Most of the deficiencies identified in the Education Performance Audit of the Mason County School District have been corrected. A fresh atmosphere, appearance, and culture were present at the central office. This is attributed to a new superintendent who is leading the county in a new direction and resolving previous personnel issues.

The report continued and listed the following improvements:

* The Mason County Board of Education demonstrated leaderships and a resolve to improve the county.

* The financial operations were found to be operating smoothly with the new treasurer.

* The county has demonstrated remarkable success in correcting the hiring and licensure issues.

* A system is in place to ensure that personnel are evaluated according to West Virginia Code, West Virginia Code, West Virginia Board of Education policies, and county polices.

* Facility maintenance preventive practices have been instituted.

* Security at the county board has been enhanced.

* The financial deficit is being reduced and the county continues further deficit reduction efforts.

* The board of education is now focused on policy development and student achievement.