For the record


September 21, 2012


The following divorces have been finalized and filed in the office of Mason County Circuit Clerk Bill Withers (maiden names are referenced when available): Marvin C. Plumley, Amanda D. McGrew; Jason Smith, Stephanie Hysell; Scottie L. White, Hather R. Freeman; Benjamin L. Boster, Tasha N. Ihle; Carl M. Cooper, Carma L. Bonecutter; Norman D. Thaxton, June M. Kuhn; J. T. Fuller, Brenda L. Edmonds.


The following marriage licenses were recently filed in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley: Ronald E. Harris, 47 and Tina K. Holley, 35, both of Leon. James E. Lloyd, 30 and Elisabeth A. Bryant, 33, West Columbia. Nathan D. Haines 32, Racine, Ohio and Cassandra L. Roush, 28, Letart. Lawrence W. Watson, 26 and Courtney S. Landis, 25, both of Pomeroy, Ohio.


The following death certificates were recently filed in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley: Virginia M. Banks, 95, Glenwood. Howard K. Blessing, 79, Leon. Gary C. Leach, Sr., 73, Leon. John M. Louk, 66, West Columbia. Christine Reed, 64, Evans.

Property deeds

The following property deeds were recently filed in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley: Atisha Reitmire, Steven Reitmire to James W. Johnson, Kaley Johnson, Waggener District. Debra Wallace, executor of estate of Eva S. Wallace to Dwight R. Greenlee, Sr. and Ronda L. Combs, Lewis District. Leslie M. Wray, Sarah E. Wray to Bill Gay, Deloris Gay, Hannan District. Ohio Valley Bank to Randy L. McGuire and Amy J. McGuire, Cooper District. George Shawkey to Moussa Kazan, City of Point Pleasant. Angela L. Sizemore, Brandon G. Perry to Laura M. McDaniel Jones, City of Point Pleasant. Elaine L. Bryant, Martha Bryant to Nancy T. Durst, Lewis District. Judith A. Kay to Walter A. Kay, Arbuckle District. Damon B. Morgan, Jr. to Wendall Smith, Wendall Smith, II, Lewis District.

Barry D. Henry to Kim L. Henry, Clendenin District. Scottie L. Cobb, Tiffany P. Cobb to Danny L. Cobb, Hannan District. Pamela R. Lewis to Arritt, LLC, Arbuckle District. Billy L. McComas, Patricia A. McComas to Vollie McComas and Earlene McComas, Hannan District. Rebecca Spurlock, Dallas Spurlock to Dave Call, II, Maurice Jeffers, Hannan District. Irma Riffle to Lacy Darst, Steven Darst, Graham District. John D. Morgan to John D. Morgan, Maria D. Morgan, Lewis District. Kathleen S. Wroten to Jeff Clendenen, Jenny Clendenen, Mason. Michael D. Hussell, Suzanna Hussell to Harland Knapp, Robinson District. Sandra Rayburn, Garry Rayburn to Cody R. Simpkins, Ashley Simpkins, Clendenin District. James B. Fisher to James B. Fisher, Jeffrey S. Fisher, Constance J. Thomas, Amy R. Lane, Robinson District. Linda L. Taylor, Anita J. Wallace to Linda L. Taylor, Keith Taylor, Tammy Taylor, Hannan District.