For the record


September 14, 2012


The Mason County Sheriffs’ Department reports the following arrest: Sherry L. Edwards, 43, Mason, three counts worthless checks, arrested on Sept. 13 by Ferrell.


The following death certificates were recently filed in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley: Naomi M. Bowles, 73, Leon; Darrell E. Buck, 71, Leon; Hannah B. Hall, 11, Point Pleasant; Willard L. Nibert, 72, Gallipolis Ferry; Helen H. Peal, 68, Pliny; Harry A. Raczok, 70, Buffalo; Herbert J. Robinson, 83, Apple Grove; James B. Rogers, 53, Mason; Margery F. Wedge, 82, Point Pleasant; Freda Akers, 92, Point Pleasant; Kristin Bonecutter, 49, Point Pleasant; Vernon L. Chandler, 70, Apple Grove; George B. Cunningham, 74, Point Pleasant; Dan G. Edwards, Sr., 90, New Haven; Donald R. McCarty, 62, Point Pleasant; Curtis W. Rayburn, 48, Leon; Hollis Rupe, 74, Glenwood; Kenneth J. Stewart, 79, New Haven; Darrell Stone, 93, Leon; Helen J. Turley, 64, Point Pleasant; Roy R. Wood, 76, Milton.


The following marriage licences were recently filed in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley: Kris M. Isom, 51 and Ella J. Spears, 50, both of Glenwood. Michael A. Gillies, 44 and Tammy S. Welch, 43, both of Point Pleasant. Frances L. Owen, 35 and Aimee K. Nance, 33, both of Leon. Jerad A. Leach, 23 and Brittany D. Matheny, 22, both of Point Pleasant. Kevin D. Shields, II, 34, Mason and Tatum D. Day, 33, New Haven. Eric D. Pugh, 27 and Danielle N. Hineman, 26, Crown City, Ohio. Lloyd F. Higginbotham, 46 and Michele R. Cooper, 44, both of Leon. Daniel J. Tench, 26 and Melissa D. Kincaid, 33, both of Point Pleasant. Ronald E. Harris, 47, and Tina K. Holley, 35, both of Leon.