For the record

August 15, 2012

Mason County Sheriff’s Department

The Mason County Sheriff’s Department reports the following arrests: Symra G. Dornan, 50, Point Pleasant, bailpiece, arrested by F. Terry. Debra Howard, 44, Gallipolis, Ohio, DUI, driving on DUI revoked license, arrested by Peterson. Danny White, 53, Gallipolis, Ohio, permitting DUI, arrested by Peterson. Justin C. Erb, 19, Mason, creating an open dump, arrested by Ferrell. James Armstrong, 39, New Haven, battery, trespassing, arrested by Ferrell. Everett Jeffers, 62, Point Pleasant, two counts domestic battery, arrested by Powell. Vernon Dalton, 45, Mt. Hope, DUI third offense, arrested by Varian. John J. Cain, 29, Leon, two counts forgery, two counts uttering, arrested by Ferrell.

Mason County Clerk

The following marriage licenses were recently filed in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley: Buddy L. McReynolds, II, 38 and Lori A. Corns, 42, both of Columbus, Ohio. Benjamin J. Gard, 37 and Brandi D. Ebert, 33, both of Apple Grove. Christopher D. Lee, 33 and Kelin E. Smith, 24, both of Point Pleasant. Gary R. Peyton, 49 and Kellie J . Barker, 41, both of Point Pleasant. Arlie L. Rigsby, IV, 24, Milton and Angela D. Reffitt, 23, Coal Grove, Ohio. Gregory A. Taylor, II, 23, Henderson and Ann M. Flora, 31 of Pomeroy, Ohio. Garrett W. Hudnall, 29 and Alison J. Bentley, 26, both of Point Pleasant. Dwight D. Arthur, 50, Milton and Robin T. Sturgeon, 50, Apple Grove. John H. Smith, V, 29, Hartford and Courtney M Long, 22, New Haven. Joseph A. Stapleton, 29, Vinton, Ohio and Valerie A. Black, 23, Henderson. Christopher L. Roush, 32 and Jessi Nicole Hutton, 31, both of New Haven. Terry E. Stephens, Jr., 29, and Bridget A. Wray, 30 both of Chillicothe. Shawn A. Martin, 36 and Tara M. Curry, 36, both of Henderson. James R. Loring, 21 and Michelle M. Fleming, 18, both of Gallipolis Ferry. Kyle C. Sprouse, 19 and Amanda L. Hupp, 20, both of Point Pleasant. Floyd H. Cleland, 55 and Janet M. Ambrose, 53, Pomeroy, Ohio.