Holzer Weight Loss Support Group to feature guest speaker


August 4, 2012

GALLIPOLIS — Suzanna Duncan, RN, BSN, Holzer Health System, will be at the Holzer Weight Loss Solutions Support Group Meeting on Monday, August 6 at the Hospital’s Conference Rooms at 10:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Duncan will be discussing diabetes and the affects of obesity and weight loss on diabetics, particularly for Type 2 Diabetics. Type 2 Diabetics make up nearly 95 percent of all Diabetics, and generally affect those over the age of 30 with certain risk factors, with obesity included in those factors. The American Diabetic Association has noticed a climbing trend in Type 2 Diabetes being diagnosed in children, with the main link being obesity. According to a press release from Holzer Health System, the Appalachian area has some of the highest numbers of diabetes throughout the country. The Center for Disease Control statistics show that nine to 10 percent of the local population have diabetes.

Those who attend the support group meeting will learn tips to help individuals better control their blood glucose levels as well as things they can incorporate into daily activity to help combat complications of diabetes and heart disease. Safe exercises as well as meal time tools but will be identified and a lot of diabetic myths will be dispelled.

“I have a passion for educating and enjoy working with individuals to help manage a disease that is truly self-managed,” said Duncan. “Diabetes has no miracle drug to cure it, the level of glycemic control depends so much on the person tending to their body’s needs, listening to the signals and acting appropriately.”

Duncan is a Certified Insulin Pump Trainer with Holzer Health System. She has been with Holzer for the past 10 years, with six of those being in Diabetic Education. In addition, she facilitates the Diabetic Support Group that meets monthly and the Diabetic Education Classes, also held monthly at our Gallipolis and Jackson facilities.

For more information on the support group meeting or Holzer’s Weight Loss services, please call Holzer Weight Loss Solutions at (740) 446-5825.