Author challenges community to rally for youth

By Stephanie Filsonand Beth

November 26, 2011

Dear Community Member:

The Gallia-Jackson Mentoring Project would like to challenge you to be part of the life of a child that needs you.

The Gallia-Jackson Mentoring Project was established in 1997 through Family Addiction Community Treatment Services, also known as FACTS/New Alternatives. Our goal is to provide youth a positive role model in their life. Since 1997, the project has successfully served the community and a large number of kids. We are funded in part by a state grant and local charitable organizations; which include the Board of Alcohol Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services and the local United Way.

The Mentoring Project receives referrals through local agencies, schools and community members. We work to match each youth with a responsible, caring, and fun adult with similar interests. We ask that each volunteer make a commitment for one year. The mentor should make contact once a week and the match should participate in at least two activities per month. Ultimately, we hope a friendship forms between the mentor and mentee.

Unfortunately, volunteers are becoming harder to find each day. Children are demanding of some time and commitment; no doubt; but people don’t have to be afraid. This is a rewarding and fun experience! Our community continues to grow, and with that more kids need someone positive in their life. I challenge you to make a difference in the life of a child. Maybe you can change their and our futures. The Gallia-Jackson Mentoring Project is looking for your support today and always. If you would like to find a way to show your support or if you would like a presentation of the program, contact FACTS/New Alternatives today at (740) 446-7866 or (740) 286-1589. Ask about the Mentoring Project, and come join the fun!


Misty Stanley

Mentoring Coordinator